Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Part 21 INRI

We will take a look at the acronym INRI, that we see on many crucifixes.
People seem to believe that this is the Latin phrase,
(Iesus, Nazarenus, Rex, Iudaeorum,) meaning the following in English,
Jesus(of) Nazareth, King, (of the) Jews. But you can find this same, acronym
used in the Jesuit oath, found on the web. Here are the words they use,
INRI= IUSTUM, NECAR, REGES, IMPIOUS. And this means the following (it is just to exterminate or annihilate impious or heretical kings) Iustum= justified, Necar= destroy, kill, Reges= king, Impious= impious.

This is the kind of statement that they brought with them when they conquered new lands. When they came to the Americas they jumped off their
ship and told the natives that they are to bow down and worship the Pope,
or be annihilated, plundered, etc. And that is what they did.

This should cover most of the acronyms, and the monograms for now. Next we will
be discussing, the link between the Jesuits and Protestantism.

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  1. I have the sense good ideas are like food, they go bad in three days. The subconscious takes 24 pictures of reality a second. It doesn't make any assumptions, so it is doubting it's own assumptions that often. I try to follow it's lead. You can look at a rule as an absolute and that has some advantages and you can say moderation in all things and that works sometimes. Words usually have a positive and negative definition reflecting that over or under doing something can be bad. I don't see the letters as an addition. I find the Bible is very accurate and usually ahead of science. It is more probable that the meaning of the letters was twisted later. Just like we might say fumbling bureau of investigation, or something like that, for FBI. I only say as I found the Bible to be very accurate. If it can be summarized it's probably with the golden rule, which we find in most traditions. If church leaders just followed that and had learned how to make it work, they could teach others. If they had done it, they would have found out the hard way the wisdom and practicality of it and how to fix the holes in their thinking about it when it didn't work, because it will work, just like the rules of physics, when applied right. The scripture is, apply the law, lawfully.
    As to following what the Bible says, some of it is the history of what not to do, so of course you learn from that, not repeat it. That must be pretty accurate or why else would I think that? lol