Monday, March 2, 2009

Part 19 Chi-Rho

Now while on the subject of symbols we will take a look at the
Chi, Rho. This seems to be another form of the 666 symbol, like
the one on the Ambulances. The monogram of Christos.
Greek ( Χριστος ). The monogram is made up of the 1st, 2nd, and last
letters of the name.The Greek Chi = Χ , then the Greek letter Rho = Ρ ,
and the Greek letter Stigma= ϛ When we superimpose
them we have this looking very much like the Greek signs for 666.

Here is the symbol, with these three letters superimposed.
Looking very simular to the St John's Ambulance, and
used in many churches, below is one of the examples.
You can find many Chi -Rho symbols, without the
stigma used in churches here we have one with the
stigma at the bottom. Carved in stone.
Here is a picture showing the Chi-Rho
used in the Pharmacy business.

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  1. My chinese name Tiu means one and Che or Chi means foundation...if it may sound like the Chi in the Chi Rho...just a coincidence!